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When Will the Darkness End?

Woman Hand on Head in Darkness Did you ever have the feeling that you’d never going to get out of this rut? Maybe things were so bad you thought they couldn’t get worse. Then they did, and you wondered if there was any end to how far you’d fall.

After my husband left, I wondered if I’d ever truly laugh again. In the year or so that followed, two of my children suffered head injuries and needed stitches, and one was diagnosed with a crazy, scary disease (He’s totally recovered now – Thank God!). Stress made me leave the job I loved as youth minister, and I didn’t know how to support my kids. I was trying to update an expired teaching license and hitting obstacles caused by red tape and regulations at every turn. A lack of child support caused a drop in my credit rating and the bank began sending foreclosure notices.

Life was spinning out of control. The only thing I knew for sure was that we were going down!

Had someone promised that in x months, life would be better, the dark period would have been more bearable. Part of what makes darkness so difficult is that we don’t know when it will end. We don’t have the same view God does of the world or our situation. Because of our limited vision, we have difficulty envisioning a future brighter than our today.

We live in a world that gives instant gratification. When we want product information, Google provides instant answers. When we are lost, GPS gets us to our destination using the fastest route possible. Movies wrap up life’s biggest concerns in under three hours, and TV can do it under 30 minutes as we laugh through a character’s scripted challenges.

Real life isn’t like that. Our challenges are not neatly scripted comedies that wrap up in 30 minutes or even 30 days. Our challenges often present real, lasting darkness, and we know Light doesn’t shine because we click a button on the remote.

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Time distances us from wounds. Time separates us from pain. Distance and separation can numb pain, but distance, separation, and numbing are different from healing. Healing provides lasting peace, comfort, and joy.

[tweetshareinline tweet=”Like physical injuries, invisible wounds take time to heal but healing can’t rely solely on time. #Women #LifeCoach #Marriage #divorce” username=”StrahlenGrace”] There are actions you can take and plans you can follow to heal better, faster. Your eyes must open to possibility and pathways to passions. Your hearts must be resurrected and led. Your mind must be free to discover and hope.

No modern gadget can open eyes, hearts, or minds. Only by turning ourselves over to God and embracing His plan can that happen. Only God can truly make our darkness end, and only God knows when that will be. His timing is always perfect, but His timing may be waiting for you to make the first move.

Healing happens when something beneath the surface shifts and a change in mindset is embraced. Healing happens with action and steps forward even in the face of uncertainty and fear. Healing happens when you go out and follow a plan, not just to eliminate darkness, but to find Light, create Beauty, and Embrace Joy in all things.

God provides beauty even in our darkness. He gives us stars to sparkle in the night sky and a glowing moon to guide our way. God provides opportunities in our winding paths. Opportunities allow us to see beauty others miss in their hurry to cut through their own darkness. God doesn’t give us GPS to get us where we want to go using the shortest route possible, but He does give us His promise.

God’s Promise is that your darkness will end.

When will your darkness end? Only God knows, but that’s not the only question you need to ask. You need to answer questions that help you make your darkness shorter and less dark. You need to answer questions that help you find beauty wherever you are.

I promise you, Light will shine. My passion is in helping women walk in the Light. For insight and tips on making that happen, subscribe to my newsletter and watch for tomorrow’s video, “When Will My Darkness End?”

God Bless…

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