Newborn to Teen: 10 Real Life Ways to Have Fun With Your Child Without Spending a Lot of Time or Money

Mom and Baby Having Fun TogetherNew research shows that during pregnancy, an unborn child will shed cells that work their way into his mother’s bloodstream. The baby’s cells then actually become part of the mother’s body. In fact, if you’ve been pregnant even for a short while, your brain will carry your baby’s cells for the rest of your life. While it’s nice to think about keeping our children close to our thoughts, reality is childhood passes far too quickly!

Remember how you felt when you first discovered you were pregnant. Think back to the plans you had for your baby. Remember the things you promised you’d do together!

Then this crazy thing called LIFE intrudes!

Diapers, laundry, work, sports, dance, religious instruction, scouts, shopping, cooking, cleaning…LIFE!

[tweetshare tweet=”Sometimes you want to just hit the pause button and slow life down! ” username=”StrahlenGraceYou want to spend more time doing what you want to do instead of what you have to do. More than anything, you want to create memories with your children, and you want those memories to be of love and laughter.

No matter how old your children are, that’s what they want too, and it’s not too late to implement fun! Whether you’re the mom of a newborn or the mom of a college student, it’s never too late to love better and laugh more freely with your children! Here are some ways that work with every age child.

10 Real Life Ways to Have Fun with Your Child Without Spending a Lot of Time or Money

  1. Schedule Time to BE with Your Child – Spontaneous fun is good and needed, but it doesn’t happen often enough! Schedule a block of time to do something fun, even if you’re the only one who knows that’s what you’re doing.
  2. Turn Off Electronics – We spend so much time on our phones yet tell our children to get off theirs. When your child visualizes you, don’t let that image be of the top of your head bent over your phone. Put devices on silent and in another room so alerts don’t intrude.
  3. Make a Family Bucket List – You may be surprised by what your kids want to do! Make a bucket list and then post it so everyone can add and cross off freely.
  4. Cook Together – Babies enjoy exploring with the five sense involved in cooking. Teenagers enjoy creating and the idea of moving on to college and living on their own someday. Use meal prep time to tell family stories and asking open ended questions. Make meal prep second to sharing.
  5. Eat Together – If you have a busy work schedule or a range of ages with older children finishing activities late, consider changing dinner time to accommodate later hours. Many families find sticking to a schedule less important than gathering around the dinner table. Use what works for you!
  6. Volunteer Together – Many churches and schools have community service as part of their Sacrament prep or graduation requirement. Don’t just sign your child up. Put on a smile and jump in too!
  7. Learn About Your Child – Discover your child’s Love Language and surprise him by using it. Whether your child thrives under affirmation, physical affection, or gifts, be on the lookout for opportunities to give him what his heart craves.
  8. Tell His Stories – Children love to learn about themselves. Laugh about the time he fell in the creek and you jumped in after him or about the time he sang louder than anyone else in the Church pageant. Talk about how it felt to hold him in your arms or how scared you were when he banged his head that time.
  9. Overlook Faults & Laugh First – No one wants to be corrected all the time. Let little things go and laugh whenever possible. Children are not Mini-You’s. They come from you but have their own personalities. Encourage individuality and freedom in things that don’t violate moral or physical well being. Expect the unexpected and roll with it.
  10. Kiss Them Good Night – Knock on the door. Step over their stuff. Smile without criticism. At the end of the day, no matter how old they are or what kind of day it’s been, tell them you love them. If you can sit on the edge of their beds and listen for a minute or two even better.

If you want really cool ideas of your family bucket list or how to display that bucket list or you want to have more fun in your family and be the best mom your kids deserve or are tired of others telling you what to do, I would love to coach you! Subscribe to my newsletter for tips and short videos or send me an email today! I look forward to hearing from you!

God Bless…

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