How Can I Rest When I Have so Much to Do?

Feet covered in SandOut of bed. Shower. Dress. Hair. Make up.

Wake kids up. Feed kids. Tell kids to brush teeth. Tell kids to get dressed. Remind kids to brush teeth. Look for missing homework. Look for missing sock. Thank God mismatched socks are in style now. Ask kids if they brushed teeth. Don’t wait for an answer. Get kids out the door. Get yourself out the door.

In the car. Off to daycare. Remember to get the gas you forgot yesterday. Pray you make it to the station without stalling. Get the gas. Pray you make it to work without being late. Go to work. Work a full day.

Stop at the store. Spend too much. Worry about finances. Pick kids up from daycare. Do homework while making dinner. Feed kids. Pick up toys. Tell kids to brush teeth. Bath time. Again tell kids  to brush teeth. Pick out clothes for tomorrow. Story time. Put kids to bed.

Clear table. Throw out extra food. Promise not to overspend tomorrow. Do dishes. Sweep floor. Tidy house. Ignore missing sock you see under the sofa. Pay bills. Worry over which to pay now and which to put off (again).

Decide to research “Employment Opportunities.” Wish for Prince Charming. Pray for you’re not sure what.

Fall into bed.


Wonder if the kids ever did brush their teeth.

Wonder if you ever brushed yours.

Roll over.

Tell yourself you will all brush your teeth tomorrow.

Tell yourself you can do this all again tomorrow.

Fall asleep before deciding if that’s true or not…

When one does the job of two, things pile up. What is a minor hurdle for others becomes a major setback for you. There’s too little time for what needs to be done never mind time for resting.

Your mind spins between extremes. It’s either going on super high, Tasmanian devil speed or it’s on blank, numb, so slow nothing processes speed. It’s an in-one-ear-out-the-other kind of thing. You can’t concentrate. You miss appointments. You aren’t getting things done well enough or fast enough or the way you used to, the way she would, or the way your kids deserve.

Then someone comes along and tells you to rest and you want to reach out and throttle them –

or cry

But they are right. You need to rest. Rest is a necessity. Even more, rest is a command. Rest is so vital that even the Bible tells us to rest! Rest is so valuable that even the God who created all of Heaven and Earth, the God who is all powerful and who is never in need of sleep, rested on the seventh day!

Last anyone checked, you were not God. Yet you are trying to do all things and be all things for everyone. In the process, you either forgot God calls you to rest or you decided His call to rest wasn’t as important as other things that call to you.


Put that way, rest takes on a whole new level of importance, but it still doesn’t answer the question of how to rest when there’s so much to do? Sleep and rest are different, but the consequences of not getting enough rest are similar to those of not getting enough sleep (Find out more about consequences in Saturday’s newsletter). 

When you look at the typical day of a busy woman and the consequences of not being rested, it makes more sense to change the question. Rather than asking how you can rest because you have so much to do, ask how you can not rest because you have so much to do! 

Next time you skip rest and find yourself overwhelmed by tasks at hand, ask yourself how you’re handling those tasks. Do you need to do things over? Do you forget steps? Do you forget something you had intended to do? Are you grumpy when grumpiness isn’t really called for? Are you missing better ways to organize? Are you falling behind on important tasks? Are you unable to concentrate? Are you making mistakes doing things that should be easy for you?

Are you forgetting to brush your teeth? 😉

If you answered yes to any of the above, a lack of rest or the right type of rest is very likely to blame. What’s more, studies show that those who have a history of little rest, may not even realize how the lack of rest affects them.

When life is difficult and there is pressure on us to be all things to all people, women have a tendency to put themselves last in order to care for others; however, often the best way to care for loved ones is to care for yourself by scheduling needed rest.

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God Bless…

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