How Do I Find My Way Out of Darkness?

Sometimes curve balls come at you so fast you can’t duck out of their way. Maybe you saw something coming but ignored it. Maybe you chose hoping for the best over facing facts. Maybe you didn’t know what to do and now wonder if you did the wrong thing. Maybe you were blindsided and paralyzed by fear.

Whatever happened, you’ve been knocked back a few feet. Some days the blow causes your heart to pound anxiously. Other days you wonder if it will go on beating at all. You don’t always think clearly, and your vision must’ve been affected too because, as hard as you try, you see no escape.

Your darkness seems endless.

But there’s a tiny spark inside you that doesn’t want to die. That spark clings to the idea that, in spite of overwhelming “evidence,” God still has plans for your welfare and envisions a future of Hope for you (Jeremiah 29:11).

Jesus shows the perfection of God’s plan by curing the blind, making the lame walk, and giving the women at the well value that came not in arms welcoming her to bed, but in arms welcoming her to the Cross.

Jesus shows God truly has a plan for our good. Yet, in all that Jesus said and did, it was not in His words or healings that we came to understand Love.

Understanding came through His darkness in the Garden of Gethsemane. It came through taunts and condemnation His Innocence endured. It came through the crowning of thorns, the scourging at the pillar, the bearing of the Cross, the nails driven into His limbs, and, finally, in the piercing of the sword in His side.

Understanding comes as we watch Jesus move through darkness to bring us to Light.

The Bible could have simply stated that Jesus died and rose again, and we would have had to believe it; however, a different approach is used allowing us to see the Man’s pain.

We know Jesus’ disappointment as He foresees Judas’ abandonment. We see Him sweat blood in the Garden. We weep as He is betrayed by a kiss. We trace each step of His journey in the Stations of the Cross.

Lonely, gory details give us Jesus’ example to follow.

Jesus showed us that sometimes darkness lasts many scenes. He showed us that we must rise from our falls more than once. He showed us that many will be there to wipe our faces and share our burdens if we keep our heads up and humbly look for them.

Jesus showed us the best way out of darkness is not to stand still, but to keep moving.

No one can promise you a quick or easy end to suffering. If it weren’t for value I know comes through suffering, I’d always wish I could give you a quick and easy way out of your dark period. I’d wish I could guarantee life will be magically better in x number of days. I’d wish I could tell you God’s promise for Good always applies to this life.

The truth is, I can’t promise any of that, but I can promise that there is Light ahead. The only way into the Light is to keep focused on God’s plan and to keep moving forward in His peace. I can also promise both are possible even in suffering.

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God Bless…

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