Do you ever feel like no one listens to you? Do you ever wish there was someone you could talk to who wouldn't judge or gossip or tell you what they would do if they were you? Did you ever want space to explore your own desires and plans? Do you need an accountability partner who will hold your hand while helping you set and keep goals? Life coaching gives you just that!

Life coaching is a beautiful partnership between client and coach that is centered around the client, her desires and her authentic self, things many women lose sight of over years of serving others and struggling with battles they get lost in. The client-coach partnership is based on mutual trust and respect. It builds on what the client desires by setting realistic goals in a plan to achieve her desires.

As a professional coach, my job is to be an open minded, curious listener. I am trained to pick up nuances in your voice and hear things you may gloss over without realizing it. I take what I hear and form powerful questions to help you see things you would otherwise miss. Sometimes questioning comes in the form of lighthearted, playful exploration. Other times it is serious, introspective, and challenging.

All this is done with the intention of moving you ahead. Life coaching does not meander aimlessly through your past or militantly dictate what you should do with your present. Coaching looks back occasionally, but it is primarily future oriented.


Life coaching is not for individuals in the midst of trauma. It is for basically healthy women who want to move ahead but are stuck. Often coaching clients are at a stand still, mired down by details, or running in so many directions they spin in endless circles. Either way, they aren't getting what they hope for out of life. They either have a goal but can't see a path to attain it or they get so bogged down in details of the journey they can't define a destination. Maybe they've been serving others so long they forgot they too have a unique purpose. Maybe they need permission and reassurance that it's okay to pursue God's plan for them.

As a life coach, I work with women who want more than the status quo. They are ready, willing, and able to look inside themselves and outside their comfort zones for answers. They are willing to be curiously introspective and open to new possibilities. Life coaching is not a substitute for counseling, and I am not here to “fix” your problems. We are here to work together to empower you to find the beauty of your struggle and use it to achieve your goals – big difference!


If you recognize the need for change, if you are looking for more, even if you aren’t sure what more is, if you are willing to look within yourself for answers rather than wait to be told what to do, how to act, or what to think, if you are ready to stop finger pointing, whining, and playing a victim, if you are open to change and willing to explore options, if you will be honest with yourself and with me and are ready to make a commitment in time, finances, energy, and focus, then life coaching provides results faster than muddling through on your own. I can provide statistics if you'd like! 🙂


Struggle cannot be compartmentalized into neat little boxes. It pervades all areas of life. When we struggle with finances, it affects our marriages. When we struggle with self worth, it affects our parenting. When we struggle with time management, it affects our job performance. When we struggle with anything, we tend to struggle with everything. "Fixing" one issue won't deliver rainbows and roses for the rest of our days.

Strahlen Grace's Embracing Struggle Program doesn't try to "fix" anything. Instead, I provide a plan proven to train and strengthen you to face any struggle with courage, beauty, and grace. While other coaching programs focus on one particular issue (Marriage coaching, parenting coaching, financial coaching, health coaching, and so on), Strahlen Grace coaching joins women in the recognition that our common bond is not the struggle but our strength and the value each struggle gives when we embrace it.

When you join, you have access to the nine modules of Embracing Struggle. Embracing Struggle is designed to take you from struggle and setback to strength and serenity. Each module contains pdf's for you to complete, reading material, inspirational quotes, and links to powerful resources and stories of inspirational overcomers. Each module includes a video to walk you through the purpose of the module. Each module is designed to take about one weeks, but you walk through them at your pace. Some can take more time if you are in deep discovery mode. You may also find revisiting modules helpful as new, unplanned obstacels arrive in your path. Should you become stuck or need encouragement, live coaching sessions held twice a month help you move ahead! And of course, I frequently check in with the community of women who are there between coaching sessions to support, encourage, and hold you accountable.

Like anything, the more you put into your program, the more you get out of it! I hope you go all in!


Women crave connection. Connection through the Strahlen Grace Coaching Community and a solid plan for strength and serenity are an integral part of your Embracing Struggle program and are included at no additional charge when you register.

Whether you are a new mom or have never had children, whether you are struggling in a challenging Marriage or working through the difficulty of divorce, whether you are overwhelmed by your weight or feel buried under the load you carry at home, whether you struggle financially or are looking to advance your career, the Strahlen Grace Coaching Community helps you unpack the thoughts that got you where you are and gives you tools to get you out of your comfort zone.

If you are past trauma and ready to retrain mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually, this program is for you. If you want to explore goals that aren't quite clear or that you may be afraid to voice, this program is for you! If you want a community of like-minded women who don't pretend to have it all together but who are embracing their struggle to find genuine empowerment, this program is for you! If you want a plan to move you through your struggle and want to share your stumbles and successes with sisters who empathize but don't excuse, this program is for you!


Individual coaching is for women who want to move ahead rapidly or who need a particular boost in an area of struggle and are ready, willing, and able to make a significant investment of time, finances, and energy into their goals. Generally sessions run the first three weeks of each month and last about 45 minutes.

During your session, you have my full attention and you set the agenda. Through powerful, targeted questioning we explore what is most important to you. I help you see the path and all its beautiful twists and turns. I work with you to confidentially explore your goals and celebrate your achievements. We  become partners as we plan to overcome obstacles and lay steps to attain your desires. Together we design assignments  and accountability measures so you are never overwhelmed or asked to reach too far out of your comfort zone. Every woman is unique, and I tailor individual coaching to meet your special needs. This extra attention to detail allows me to limit the number of clients I accept for one-on-one coaching.


Coaching and the Embracing Struggle program both move ahead at your pace with the understanding that real change takes time. Progress depends on you, your particular struggles and goals and how comfortable you are pushing forward. Most women begin to see results quickly, but it took a lifetime to get to where you are. Coaching is not intended to cure that in a few short sessions or at all. It is intended to help you see life and yourself differently and to make real lasting changes that stick no matter what struggle arises in the future.

Individual coaching typically follows a pattern where we learn to dance together and develop a relationship of trust and confidence in the first few sessions. These are followed by break throughs and progress. It's normal to see periods of steady growth followed by giant leaps in understanding or action. Sometimes, clients hit a lull a few sessions in. Breaking through that lull often opens up great progress! Many of my clients enjoy coaching so much they sign up to work on new dreams after their original goals have been reached!

My coaching programs, such as Embracing Struggle, come from years of research and experience working with women to overcome hardship and live life joyfully. Because the programs are self-paced, results are highly dependent on how you invest in yourself and how you approach each module. Rushing through modules quickly checks boxes off lists, but often moving thoughtfully through the program provides more in depth and lasting results. Twice monthly coaching sessions are available to help you if you feel you have been "stuck" on one particular module for too long.


Life coaching is very similar to and very different from other helping professions. In brief, counseling, explores your past. It is backward looking and problem focused while coaching is forward seeking and progress focused. Consulting involves a professional who is trained in one area of expertise who tells you how to run your business or, in this case, your life. Coaching believes no one has more hidden expertise on how to live your life than you. I do not tell you what to do with your life. Instead, I help you explore possibilities, try new things, learn from your success and failures (don't be afraid of them!), and train to become an expert in your own life. Mentoring allows you to learn by following someone you hope to become like. In coaching, I do not want you to learn to be like me. You have to be you! In coaching, you learn from you. You learn to be a leader in your own life and to become your most beautiful, authentic self!


Nope! I work with Christians and non-Christians alike and am continuously delighted by successes across the board!

I recognize that each of us has to come to the Lord in our own time and in our own way. I am a Catholic who found great value in non-denominational and other Christian churches, but it took me almost 40 years to achieve the faith I have now and I would never push my faith on anyone. Forced faith is false faith, and that’s never what I want.

Coaching is about making you feel comfortable while pushing you to discover your dreams! That can only be done if you are at ease. I hope you always feel safe and secure in our relationship and share how you feel about our sessions. We are all learning every day and I want to learn and do better too!


In addition to a whole heap of life experience, I’ve been working with women in difficult situations in person and through my blog, Single Mom Smiling, since 2009.

You want to hire a coach who is caring, trustworthy, and well trained. Many will tell you I am all three, but the best way for you to discover this is to see for yourself!

As far as training…I completed my coursework through the Professional Christian Coaching Institute. I have ACC certification from the International Coaching Federation (ICF), which holds the highest standards of voluntary coaching certification in the world. I also use Masters in Education/Curriculum Development and my experience teaching kindergarten through high school and for a local community college to devlop course materials.


I am so happy you asked! Head over and inquire here.