Life Trains You to Be a Certain Way. Retrain with Strahlen Grace Coaching!

If you are stuck and spinning your wheels, if you are past trauma and want to move ahead, if you are ready to move from struggle and setback to strength and serenity but aren't sure how, coaching is for you!

My program doesn't provide a path to happiness using quick fixes and false promises. We both know you'll have to work for it, but what I know (and you'll discover) is that "work" will feel GOOD!

Instead of spinning wheels and disappointment, you will find hidden blessings unique to you and your struggle. I will help you discover strengths you might have otherwise overlooked in yourself. I gently yet firmly hold you accountable for goals you set and help you unlearn damaging mindsets that have been ingrained in your psyche for too long. You will retrain physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually to be your most beautiful, authentic self. Best of all, you will find a growing community of like-minded women seeking the power of overcoming and the Grace of God who Loves each of us completely.

I believe in what I do because I have seen the Blessing of Struggle. I hope you embrace the gift of struggle and join us on the journey!


God Bless...


1:1 Coaching

Want someone to listen to you?

You give so much of your time to others. Why not invest in yourself for a change? It's time someone gave you their undivided attention. Individual coaching gifts you with time to explore who you are and what dreams you'd like to reach for. It is for women who want that special time to explore their hopes and dreams in a confidential, faith-filled relationship. Individual coaching will both challenge and uplift you.

Group Coaching

Want a low cost plan and connection with like-minded women?

Coming July 2020:

  • A Feminine Approach to Financial Freedom - Stop letting money worries control you. Join a group of motivated women learning, dreaming, and paying down debt together. As a certified Dave Ramsey Financial Master Coach, I will lead this group and help you gain control of your finances and dream bigger in 90 days.