Life Trains You to Be a Certain Way. Retrain with Kerri!

If you are stuck and spinning your wheels, if you are past trauma and want to grow, if you are ready to move from struggle and setback to strength and serenity but you aren't sure how, coaching is for you!

Strahlen Grace Coaching doesn't provide a path to happiness using quick fixes and false promises. We both know you'll have to work for it, but what I know (and you'll discover) is that "work" feels GOOD!

Instead of repeated disappointment, you will find hidden blessings unique to you and your struggle. I will help you discover strengths you might have otherwise overlooked in yourself. I gently yet firmly hold you accountable for goals you set and help you unlearn damaging mindsets that have been ingrained in your psyche for too long. You will retrain physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually to be your most beautiful, authentic self. Best of all, you will find a growing community of like-minded women seeking the power of overcoming and the Grace of God who Loves each of us completely.

I believe in what I do because I have seen the blessing of struggle and the amazing results that come when one emerges on the other side of struggle and I have a plan to help you do the same. I hope you embrace the gift of struggle and join other inspiring women on the journey!

Life is good! Let's do this!

God Bless...


1:1 Coaching

Individual Attention and Rapid Progress

You give so much of your time to others. Why not invest in yourself for a change?

It's time someone gave you their undivided attention. Individual coaching gifts you with time to explore who you are and what dreams you'd like to attain. It is for women who want that special time to explore their desires in a confidential, faith-filled relationship. Individual coaching will both challenge and uplift you.

Coaching generally consists of three 45 minute sessions per month with weekly homework and journaling, but you set the pace so you are never overwhelmed or stuck standing still. You decide the goals and together we dance down the path to take you there. Coaching can be adaptable to your finances and time allowances.

Freedom to Thrive

Launching May 2021:

Are you a busy mom caught in the nitty gritty? Do you lose yourself in giving others so much? Is the added stress of 2020/2021 causing distraction and confusion? Are you wondering what God is calling you to now?

Freedom to Thrive will help you eliminate overwhelm, distractibility, and aloneness so you find balance, freeing you to awaken your passionate, authentic purpose and better enjoy your family (and yourself!) in just 15 minutes a day.

This 30 day program offers short, simple, daily exercises to map out your path to thriving, access to a unique community of like-minded women, and weekly coaching sessions.  

Learn what it means to thrive in your world and have fun training to do so.

Embrace freedom and thrive in all you do!

Want a sneak peak at Freedom to Thrive's Day 1 video?

Start here!

Financial Coaching

A Feminine Approach to Financial Freedom

Stop letting money worries intimidate you!

Whether you are a young woman who wants to begin adulthood on the right path, a struggling-to-make-ends-meet single mom, a working woman caught in an overspending trap, or a wife who let her husband take control of the family finances too long, financial coaching provides a path to freedom and peace of mind.

As a certified Dave Ramsey Financial Master Coach, I will help you gain control of your finances and dream bigger in 90 days. Become one of many motivated women learning, dreaming, and paying down debt together.

In 90 days you will see amazing changes in your finances and your mindset. That is why I recommend three months of two-three sessions per month with a monthly support session for three months after. If you prefer individual sessions or a different plan, please use the 1:1 Coaching option. Don't let uncertainty stop you from attaining financial freedom. I will happily set up a plan that works for both of us!