Life Trains You to Be a Certain Way. Retrain with Strahlen Grace Coaching!

If you are stuck and spinning your wheels, if you are past trauma and want to move ahead, if you are ready to move from struggle and setback to strength and serenity but aren't sure how, coaching is for you!

My program doesn't provide a path to happiness in five easy steps or any such thing because there is no such thing.

Instead, I help you find hidden blessings unique to you and your struggle. I help you discover strengths you might have otherwise overlooked in yourself. I gently yet firmly hold you accountable for goals you set and help you unlearn damaging mindsets that have been ingrained in your psyche for too long. You will retrain physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually to be your most beautiful self. Best of all, you will find a growing community of like-minded women seeking the power of overcoming and the Grace of God who Loves each of us completely.

I believe in what I do because I have seen the Blessing of Struggle. I hope you embrace the gift of struggle and join us on the journey!


God Bless...


Let's Get Real!

Life isn't our Facebook facade.

Ours home aren't winning any Pinterest awards.

Instagram doesn't begin to tell the truth about who we are.

Sometimes we are a mess.

Sometimes life is beyond messy.

It's ugly. It's  hard. It's unfair. It's cruel.

Sometimes life can be a real and lasting struggle.

And that's okay!  What is not okay is...


  • pretending everything is fine
  • pretending you are good with who and where you are
  • pretending you are powerless to change


  • convincing yourself that where you are is where you are meant to be
  • telling yourself "it" will get better while doing nothing to make it better

having a victim mentality

  • wringing your hands in a woe-is-me manner
  • clinging to something that isn't real
  • refusing to rise after a fall

shirking responsibility

  • waiting for God or someone else to do hard work meant for you
  • making excuses
  • settling for "good enough" or giving up entirely

I Understand!

I've been in the struggle.

I've been abused, abandoned, overweight, unemployed, and broke - in more ways than one!

I get what struggle, real struggle, is.

I've learned the Blessing of struggle because I comprehend struggle!

Do You Comprehend Your Struggle?

Struggle doesn't come from relationships. It comes from feeling worthless.

Struggle doesn't come from finances. It comes from feeling powerless.

Struggle doesn't come from employment. It comes from feeling undervalued.

Struggle doesn't come from clutter. It comes from feeling overwhelmed.

Struggle doesn't come from weight. It comes from uncertainty of who you are.

Struggle can't be cured with a guru's quick "fix."

Struggle is no once and done event.

Each struggle is different, but it's feelings are the same:

Stress, Anxiety, Confusion, Fear, Overwhelm.

There is no quick three-step-to-bliss formula that conquers those kinds of demons.

Most women will try to avoid the struggle.

They will try to avoid the darkness.

They will close their eyes and pretend it doesn't exist.

And all the time, they will be doing one of two things...

  1. Playing on the edge of darkness where fear lurks powerfully.
  2. Living a shallow life

You are here because you know this but want different.

You have felt the struggle in you and surrounding you.

Part of you knows it's time to get real!

You're ready to go through struggle to what awaits on the other side, but you are hoping for a guide, a reason, someone to walk through the shadows with you.

That is where I come in.

I have been one of those women flirting on the edge of struggle.

I have been plunged into the struggle through my own choices and through no fault of my own.

You deal with struggle based on how you have been trained.

Most women are not well trained to rise to and use struggle.

They collapse. They become bitter. They blame. They seek shelter in any port.

They mistake their lack of training for inability and weakness or mistake the anger of modern feminism for empowerment.

They do not know how to rise and break free.

But I do!

I know how to rise to the challenge, walk through the fire, and come out the other side.

And I promise you...

What there is, is far better!

There, is Hope.

There, is Knowledge and Wisdom.

There, is Mercy.

There, is Freedom.

There, is Power.

There, is Faith.

There, is Strength and Courage.

There, is Love.

There, is YOU!


Let's overcome

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