Virgin Mary

Blessed Virgin Mary, a Role Model for Love

Blessed Virgin Mary May CrowningNothing is more beautiful than a woman in love, and in our Mother Mary we see that truth! The beautiful Blessed, Virgin Mary is the epitome of human love. This shining love is what makes her so radiantly beautiful in all cultures.

Mary is filled with love for God her Father, love for the Holy Spirit her spouse, and love for Jesus Christ her Son and Savior! Mary is filled with love for her parents Saints Joachim and Saint Anne. She is filled with love for her earthly spouse, her provider and protector Saint Joseph. She is filled with love for the apostles and the followers of her Son. I believe Mary is even filled with love for those who hurt her precious Child.

How does Mary love so many so unselfishly?

Loving unselfishly begins with knowing one is Loved. Mary loves others because she knows she is Loved, wholly and completely, unconditionally and selflessly. She knows the power of Love and what Love is capable of because she has had Love perform miracles within her. She knows Love is a word followed by an action because she gave the Lord her Fiat, her yes, her “do with me as you will,” and then followed that with her sacrifice of motherhood becoming Mary, Mother of Sorrows. She knows what love looks like and feels like because she gave birth to Love and held Him in her arms. Mary knows Love requires standing back and letting the Lord work in His way in His time because she gave Jesus time alone in the Garden as her He sweat blood and cried out to His Father. She knows Love is tied up in emotion but is an action because she watched her Son carry the Cross for sins she never experienced. Mary knew Love is not all sunshine and roses but is often sacrifice and commitment because she watched as her Son spoke His last words forgiving those who had harmed him and naming her as Mother of humanity. Mary knew Love could appear dead and all hope could seem lost but Love never dies and the miracle of resurrected Love takes place when and in ways we least expect it. 

Mary knows much about Love, and it is in this that we look to her. Mary learned of Love by spending time in the Scriptures and in Worship at the Temple. Spending time with God allowed her to know the voice of God when He spoke with her. She recognized Truth when the Angel appeared because she had consistently surrounded herself in Truth.

Mary was able to Love unconditionally, selflessly, and sinlessly because she was called to Love. That call is no different from the call we are given. Every one of us is called to Love unconditionally, selflessly, and sinlessly. It is an accomplishment we will achieve in Heaven. Mary just achieved Love sooner than we did. Because of this, we can look to Mary as our role model in good times, our guide in tough times. Because we love imperfectly now simply means we need to Love better in the next moment than we do in this.

Mary was created sinless but she had free will just as you and I do. She had to make the decision second by second to actively focus on the Lord and His will rather than her own. There would have been many things tempting Mary and many things Mary did not understand, but she did not placed God and Love above her desires and prayed when others might have succumbed to complaint. Mary did not question, “Why me Lord?” She did not meet her girlfriends at the well to whine about how rough her life was, how poorly Joseph performed tasks, or scold Jesus simply because she was tired and cranky.

When Mary did not understand something or when something seemed cruel or unfair, she simply brought it to God and turned it over to Him. She held it all silent and pondered it in her heart. We see her do this even in her early postpartum days as she meets Simeon in the temple. We see Mary continuously bringing comfort and Love to others. She leaves her home to attend her pregnant, elderly cousin Elizabeth. She is at the foot of the Cross bringing comfort to her dying Son. She is at Pentecost when the Holy Spirit with whom Mary is intimately in love with empowers the frightened apostles.

She Mary, who had every human emotion we do and who suffered agonies beyond those we can imagine, chose to Love unquestioningly, undoubtingly, and unceasingly. She did not stay stuck or look back. She did not lust after someone else’s husband, family, material goods, or life. She moved forward in faith trusting that even if she made the wrong move, God would guide her way. There was that much Love in her heart. Mary moved forward intentionally to bring God to the world rather than to bring attention or good to herself. This call to go our and bring God and His Love to the world are the same call we all receive.

Mary existed simply to know, Love, and serve her Creator. Even when Mary thought she had lost Love and could not find Jesus for what must have been a terrifying, seemingly endless time period, she did not despair. She did not lash out. She did not give up hope. She did not think God had abandoned her. She did not deny Love. Instead, Mary chose to give up all she had been doing to focus only on finding God. She sacrificed her desires and plans to concentrate on her search for Jesus. She returned to the house of worship and found Christ there. Time and again Mary must have thought she’d lost love, but she never gave up. She moved forward in faith, searching deeper, bringing Love to all she met, and her faith was rewarded beautifully.

Today, our search for beauty comes in gym memberships, facial creams, and hair dyes, but the secret to true beauty is over 2000 years old and very much alive, present, and active in our lives today. True beauty can be found in the secret the Blessed Virgin Mary lived perfectly. True beauty lies in one’s ability to give oneself in love. Giving love comes from knowing worth comes, not from those you hope love you, but from the one who created you in Love. Mary knew that. How can you follow her example and become a more beautiful, loving you?

God Bless…

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