How Do I Become Who God Created Me to Be?

Free WomanSometimes God’s plans aren’t clear. You know God wants Good for you. You know He wants you to be happy and free. You know He wants you to unite with Him in eternity, but in this moment, on this earth, in this life it’s hard to know how to make that happen.

Many of us grow up dreaming of the life we want. We assume we’ll land the perfect job. We dream of a loving husband and picture perfect kids. We imagine a house in the country with a white picket fence or modern apartment in the city. We picture ourselves handling life gracefully.

Then life happens!

Reality isn’t what you thought it would be. Life can be hard sometimes and monotonous other times. Those really awesome moments seem few and far between, and you’re stuck wondering if this is all God has planned for you!

God doesn’t plan suffering or humiliation for you. He doesn’t plan monotony for you. Both the Bible and Apostolic tradition say God plans great things for you. Both experience and observation say attaining that greatness doesn’t come with a snap of the finger. Attaining the greatness of God’s plan takes patient, persistent, perseverance and the courage to explore the world differently.

Uniquely Created

Time, effort, and money is spent promoting slogans like, “Dare to be Different.” By drilling such phrases in us, society makes us the same. It’s an oxymoron many miss. “Dare to be different,” becomes a phrase you hide behind while slipping through standard funnels dictated by your circumstances and your past.

Many are taught political correctness is the right way to be. We are told compassion means embracing what Hollywood sells as love. While striving to be “different,” we are taught we are the same. When all dare to be “different” all becomes different and the same in only the most superficial ways possible.

No wonder you’re confused about God’s plan for you!

You are not created for superficial differences or superficial sameness. You are created to be unique. You are created as a child of God. You are created as a princess of the one, true King. You are created to be a great saint! You are created, not to stand out, but to fit in with His Kingdom.

God’s plans turn the world’s thinking upside down. He dares to be different even when He is rejected. God dares you to follow Him. He dares you to unique in this world so you fit in in the next. God created you to be unique.

Unique means standing when others lie. It means raising your head high, not because of your greatness, but because of the greatness of the Potter who continues to shape you. It means talking positively, not pridefully, of yourself in all circumstances. It means humbly accepting limitations and admitting you are not all-powerful. It means learning and growing. It means stepping out of your comfort zone and failing sometimes. It means putting God first.

It means seeing the lie of another of society’s favorite slogans, “You can do anything!” [tweetshare tweet=”Truth says you can’t do anything, but you can submit to God who can! ” username=”%1$zkCY8ZGvpFjzdhhmby3(!0(&(7zk9:1:0″]

Believing you can do anything puts you ahead of God. You can do all things only when God strengthens you. God doesn’t create you to do anything. He doesn’t create you for success. He doesn’t create you to leave an easy life. He doesn’t create you a have a happy Marriage, a good job, or healthy children.

God creates you for Love.

God’s plan is simply to Love and be Loved.

All other plans take a back seat. Love of God, neighbor, and self come first and last and at every point in between. Love means sacrificing yourself, your desires, and your needs. Love means working really hard while others sip martinis on a beach. Love means biting your tongue when injustice is performed against you or speaking up when injustice is performed against you. Love rests on the ability to wisely discern and courageously act on God’s Will.

Being who God created you to be comes from being with God not from having the right job, house, or relationship.

God can work with whatever job you have or don’t have. He can work with your spouse or your ex. He can work with your children and your loneliness. He can work with your health and your sickness.

God can do anything. He can even reveal who you are created to be when you spend time with Him!

How do you become who God created you to be? You act as He does. You act in Love. Everything else comes second. Every other plan is yours that God Blesses not the other way around.

God’s plan for you is simply


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God Bless…

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