Kerri Lynn

I understand women in transition because I’ve been one.
During the surprise pregnancy of my 5th little boy, I suddenly found myself abandoned by my husband of 14 years. As a suddenly single mom faced with many challenges, I was able to update an expired teaching license, extend my elementary certification to include a more marketable 7-12 math certification, and start my own test prep business where I taught locally and internationally online, but still I felt a call to more.
Since 2009, I’ve answered that call to more by helping other women in transition. I specialize in divorce recovery and parenting but also work with women in many stages from new brides to new moms, from the recently single to those seeking to enrich relationships, from those transitioning back to work or starting their own businesses to those looking to retire, and from those looking to get financially fit to those looking to get physically fit.
I have experience with and in it all! I understand obstacles and challenges, the need for an empathetic ear, powerful questioning, motivating nudges, accountability strategies, and a supportive partner in the growth process.
Today, in addition to being a mother of five, I’m a teacher, writer, speaker, and life coach. I’m living my dream by helping women in transition discover their own dreams, set achievable goals, pursue faith, discern callings, and accomplish the one thing too many forget how to do…

Embrace Joy!

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If you’re interested in my 1:1 coaching or have a group of friends you’d like me to work with, by all means reach out. I do coach in person, but most of my coaching is done over the phone or online so you can show up in your jammies with a baby on each hip if you want!

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Also, stay tuned for Embracing Joy, my elite, divorced woman’s coaching community which will launch Spring 2017.

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