Kerri Lynn Bishop - Author. Speaker. Coach.

About Kerri - Just the Highlights

Life Coaching

  • Life Coach Certification from Professional Christian Coaching Institute
  • ACC Coach Certification through the International Federation of Coaches
  • 100+ client coaching hours to date
  • Additional coursework in Group Coaching and more!


  • Bachelor of Science - Elementary Education/Spanish
  • Masters of Arts - Elementary Education/Curriculum Development
  • 60 College Credits to attain 7-12 math certification using NYS alternate "never been done" pathway!

Social Proof

  • Guest on Relevant Radio's Morning Air with John Harper and Glenn Lewerenz.
  • Appeared on The T.D. Jakes Show
  • Articles have appeared in
    • Shalom Tidings
    • Catholic Stand
    • Various Newspapers
  • Founder of Catholic Single Moms 
  • Admin for Saving Marriages through Prayer & Encouragement


  • single mother of five boys
  • abuse survivor
  • suddenly abandoned spouse
  • divorcee
  • crisis pregnancy
  • entrepreneur
  • international test prep specialist
  • author, speaker, coach
  • elementary school teacher
  • high school math teacher
  • volleyball & basketball coach
  • traveled and camped in 42/50 US states, much of Canada, and Mexico

Meet Kerri - Struggle & Strength in my Story

I'm a single mom of five boys - yes FIVE!

That means I've frisked children guilty of smuggling toads into our house in jean pockets on warm spring afternoons.

It means I've learned to look before sitting in the bathroom (because "good aim" is obviously a relative term).

It means I've laughed at people who didn't believe Jerry Rice lived in our basement (He did! Just not THAT Jerry Rice!).

It means so much more too...

Screen Shot 2019-10-03 at 9.40.50 PM

It means I understand struggle

Screen Shot 2019-10-03 at 9.45.40 PM

On Mother's Day of 2009, my husband of 14 years suddenly announced he was leaving for a former girlfriend he had reconnected with on Facebook.

I was a stay at home mom and part time youth minister.

And I was five months pregnant with our fifth little boy.

What followed reads a bit like a Lifetime drama. My boys and I lost our home in foreclosure caused by a lack of child support. Finding housing for a single, unemployed mom of five boys with a foreclosure on my credit report was next to impossible.

Abandonment, divorce, foreclosure, unemployment, crisis pregnancy, and parenting alone forced me into a struggle I never thought I'd find myself in.

In struggle, lies opportunity!

Heartbroken, confused, terrified, hurt, overwhelmed, traumatized.

The ground under me had gone through a major shift, and I questioned everything I had once counted on - even my faith in God.

I didn't understand what God was doing in our lives, but I knew I needed to do something and do it fast!

I needed to change my focus and get out of my own head. I couldn't sit around crying, "woe is me," for long.

Screen Shot 2019-10-03 at 9.47.31 PM

Struggle is a gift where you discover what you're capable of!


I learned to face struggles in my past that I had ignored for too long. I took responsibility for myself and for changing what I needed to change. I learned to use struggle to my advantage.

I used a mix of pain and gratitude to propel me forward. I refused defeat. I chose to make big plans and implement them with small steps.

In the weeks following abandonment, I began the process of attaining the 60 college credits required to update my elementary teaching certification beyond the Masters in Curriculum Development I already had. While doing so, I found it would also take 60 credits to attain a more marketable 7-12 math certification. What's more, I could teach myself the material and test out of classes saving both time and money, so, despite my not being a "math person," that's just what I did!

I found that, despite the struggle, I learned to like math too - more proof that we should never doubt that God gives us what we need when we need it!

Struggle allows us dig deeper to reach others!

It wasn't long before a woman I'd never met before showed up on my doorstep sobbing about her own troubled Marriage.

I knew I was one in a long line of hurt people looking for a better way and I had a choice. I could bury my head in the sand and pretend I didn't hear God's call to help. I could hear the call but look the other way, admit I wasn't smart enough or eloquent enough. I could hide because I was too overwhelmed, too tired, too insecure (for whatever reason I could come up with and I had a bunch!), or I could leave my comfort zone and do what I believe God asks of each of us.

I could go back through my life and confront demons that had chased me for decades:  abuse, insecurity, fear, worthlessness, so much more... I could overcome my own battles and help others or I could sit and stew in my comfort zone.

Either way, I knew one day God would ask what I'd done with the gift of struggle.


Post Traumatic Growth - A New Curriculum, A New Plan, A New Togetherness!

Screen Shot 2019-10-03 at 9.46.37 PM

If I was going to help others, I wanted to be the best! In addition to my own research, I attended the Professional Christian Coaching Institute and attained ACC life coaching certification from the International Federation of Coaches, the world's leading coaching certification organization.

Eager to learn more, I researched PTSD and was excited to learn about what our Veteran heroes call PTG - Post Traumatic Growth. I studied the big steps and fine points needed to make this concept a reality for overcomers from all walks of life.

I used what I learned to help women embrace life's challenges as fuel to drive them forward rather than as heavy weights pulling them back.

But a recurring theme kept popping up. Too often these amazing women felt alone and isolated in their struggle. I wanted to build a place they could come together and support one an other. I took what I knew of coaching and group work, of struggle and post traumatic growth, and my Masters in Curriculum Development and I got to work developing a plan for a coaching community that would take women from struggle to strength together.

Life Trains You to Be a Certain Way. Stop Being a Product of Your Past. Retrain with Strahlen Grace Coaching!

If you are past real trauma and ready to move ahead but aren't sure how, you are ready for coaching.

My program doesn't provide a path to happiness in five easy steps. There is no such thing.

Instead, I give you the opportunity to look at your unique struggle to find its hidden blessings and discover strengths you might otherwise overlook in yourself. You will be gently yet firmly held accountable for goals you set and discover how to unlearn damaging mindsets that have been ingrained in your psyche for too long. You will retrain physically, mentally, and emotionally to be your own unique, best self. Best of all, you will find a growing community of like-minded women seeking the power of overcoming and the Grace of God who Loves each of us completely.

I believe in what I do because I have seen the Blessing of Struggle. I hope you embrace the gift of struggle and join us on the journey!


God Bless...