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Look Up!

Welcome to I'm still in the building process, but come on in and look around while I get things ready for you.
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Are You Ready to Embrace Joy?

Have you said to yourself...

I need to move on, but I'm not sure what "moving on" means.
I'm overwhelmed, frustrated, and exhausted. There must be a better way!
I have so many questions but no good answers.
I want to have friends and do things together.
I want my kids to see me laugh and have fun again.
I'm ready to exchange my ashes for God's Beauty!

If you answered, "Yes" to any of the above,
you’ve come to the right place!

I’ve Been There, & I Have a Plan for You!

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Laugh More!


Lynn, 2015 Client

I’d been through wonderful counseling prior to life coaching, and was now ready for help in creating a path to some constructive, needed changes. I was ready. However, I didn’t exactly know what I wanted out of this. It was only close to the end of the initial paperwork for life coaching that I realized what I wanted: to dream again; to see opportunities, gain fresh perspective, and find myself. After all, there was more to me than wife and mother roles. Right?

I wasn’t so sure, but as I began this process with Strahlen, my life coach, she made me feel comfortable and self-introspective as she asked key, guiding questions to help simplify my path. My repeated response often to her keen questions: “Hmm. That’s a really good question. Never thought of that.”

Dream & Believe!